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It has been a whirlwind year and it's hard to believe how fast time is moving! I have traveled and painted in a few interesting places including Hawai, California and Vermont, where I conducted an Artist in Residence for a week. I will be doing the Artist in residence again this summer which will include a concert at the end of the week. I traveled quite a bit playing music in several Blues Festivals and let those travels direct me to some new places to paint, such as Ontario, Alexandria Bay, Thousand Islands NY, Vermont and Upstate NY. ,along with playing a lot around Southwest Florida. I have also been working on my first ever book which has just been released at the 20 year retrospective show at the Gardner Colby Gallery in Naples Florida. That along with a lot of songwriting and preparing for the recording of a new CD which I hope to have finished soon has kept me very busy.

I will continue to spend as much time as possible painting outdoors as I am convinced there is no better way to sharpen your skills as a designer and draftsman than to work from life. The answers to nearly everything in painting landscape is outdoors. There is no substitute to painting from life, and there is certainly no better Art Director than Mother Nature. I have been and will continue to paint the bulk of my paintings from life, with the larger ones being finished in the studio mostly from memory. Not to mention that being outside is a heck of a lot more fun.



The release of my new book "Frank Corso - A painter's journey" are now available . Books can be purchased for 75.00 and contains 61 color plates. The edition printed is nearly sold out.



Opens February 21, 2018


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