Painting and music have always gone hand in hand for me, and I have pursued both for nearly my entire life. I have chosen to make my living primarily from painting, but continue my exploration of roots music as a parallel. On guitar, it has always been early Country blues and Ragtime fingerstyle guitar focusing on the styles of people like Robert Johnson, Blind Blake, Reverand Gary Davis,Tampa Red and others. The originals I write are closely related to this style also. On banjo, I have focused on the early Southern Clawhammer styles, particuarly West Virginia and Roundpeak style Banjo, and on Ukulele, I seem to be stuck playing a lot of the Tin Pan Alley music and tunes I heard growing up. I'll soon be trying to finish up a new solo record incorporating all of these sounds. I also plan to start posting MP3 clips of some of the new recordings very soon on this page so you can keep in touch with what I am doing in this area.

I have played solo shows all over the Northeast and the South, into Colorado and also Italy,mostly in the Tuscany region. Over the years I have opened shows or shared the stage with such notable musicians as Taj Mahal, Dave Van Ronk, David Bromberg, John Hammond, Elizabeth Cotten, Pat Donahue, Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry, Jimmie Dawkins, Dan Hicks, J Geils band, Nickolette Larson, my good friends Paul Geremia, Paul Rishell and John Mooney among many others. I got to record 3 CD's with the band Roll and Tumble with which I played with for nearly nine years.The last one we did, called Rattle that thing" also features John Mooney on some cuts. Hear some tunes here.

I have dabbled with building my own instruments since the early 80's and have built a number of my own guitars and banjos. In recent years I have been building a few more under the watchful eye of Julius Borges, who as the owner of Borges Guitars in Littleton Ma. probably builds some of the finest instruments on the planet.I completed buiding my 11th guitar (a Rosewood 000 cutaway style 12 fret) and play that consistantly in my Florida shows. I recently put the finishing touches on a Brazilian Rosewood"Gibson Style" 185. There is also a Gibson Style J35 that is just being finished up and that may well be my last one as I just don't seem to have the time for this any more. I think I would rather spend my time playing. I also have an Artist relationship with National Resophonic Guitars in San Luis Obispo which are still my favorite instruments of all to play, and I work hard to promote their guitars on all of my shows. I will always have at least three of these on stage with me at any show. They have built me several exquisite instruments I have recentlu worked on a guitar design with them and I hand painted the body and is title the "Custom Corso" resonator guitar and is now available thgrough the Custom shop at National guitars.com. I play Collings guitars, National Guitars, guitars I built myself and Fishman Electronics for both live shows and recording.



I completed a design for National guitars a while back on an M14 guitar for a Namm show, featuring a custom one off paint job that I did for them. Starting with an M14 guitar which is a deeper body, it was finished in a midnight blue color including the neck and peghead, I then painted the scene on the guitar to keep somewhat in the tradition of the originals with palm trees and a serenading musician in a boat, but with a more modern twist. The entire color scheme of the guitar was to reflect a moonlight scene.The body was then clearcoated and assembled by National Guitars and featured in the Namm show in California. The guitar has been sold, but It is featured on their website under the Custom Guitars section and is called the "Corso Custom" resonator guitar.

***I just recently completed working with Dick Spottswood on the the musical liner notes for a compliation record of the late Reverend Robert Wilkins entitled "Prodigal Son". It has been an honor working with Dick, who is one of the most important Musicologists in the country, steeped in early Blues and Bluegrass music.There is very little that this man does not know about the origins of all this music and he was personal friends with Mississippi John Hurt, Skip James, Reverend Robert Wilkins and many others along with actually having been in on a lot of the original recording sessions of the rediscovered Bluesmen.This disk contains a good portion of his Gospel work and I worked out the tunings he played in and the nuances of how he approached that music from a guitarists viewpoint and that is included in the liner notes of the CD.

My latest solo CD has been recorded and was released last fall and is titled "Full Throttle". It was recoreded in Nashville at Richard Smiths Tunesmith studio. It features Dennis Crouch on upright bass along with Henry Hartman on a couple, Shad Cobb on Fiddle and Josh Hunt on Percussion. There are a numberr of Solo cuts and Richard Smith plays some lead guitar on a few. It is available by emailing me, or Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, Itunes Music, CD Baby among many others.

I am getting ready to go back to Nashville to record anotheer record in early June and hoping for a early fall release.

***Go to GIGS page to listen to some clips from the last two CD's





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